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Health Professional Resources

Here you will find links to Best Practice Guidelines from national bodies for diabetes and cardiac management. You will also find links to various Position Statements and Reports regarding diabetes and cardiovascular management issues.

Education Resources

Healthy Living NT has developed a number of practical educational resources. To access these please visit the resources page.

Indigenous Resources

Healthy Living NT has several diabetes indigenous resources available for purchase. These have been designed in a flip chart format, are laminated and are spiral bound.  A handbook and poster are also available and can be used as educational support tools.  Video information about the NDSS for Indigenous people can be accessed here, or for other resources please visit Indigenous resources.

Other Languages

Updated NDSS translated diabetes resources in many languages can now be accessed with a ‘read aloud’ option through this link. The translated information is can also be download or print. Or call the NDSS Helpline  1800 637 700  for a copy to be sent to you. 

Healthy Living News

Our quarterly newsletter is designed for health professionals and contains the latest news in the fields of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, as well as staff articles of interest. If you do not currently receive Healthy Living News and would like to do so please contact us to be added to the mailing list.