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The aim of the Fellowship is to provide opportunity, by the provision of financial support, to enable health professionals to further their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in the field of diabetes.

There are no prescribed activities for the award of a Bill Raby Diabetes Fellowship. Applications will be assessed on their merit, with the primary determinant being the benefit to people with diabetes in the NT (including cross-border populations).

Significant assessment factors include:

  • the benefit of the CPD activity to the applicant and, in view of Bill’s strong belief in diabetes self-management, 
  • how the CPD activity will be applied to the benefit of people with diabetes in the NT (including cross-border populations). 

Fellowships are not available for specific research activities or for payment of wages during CPD activities.

Eligibility Criteria

The Fellowship is open to all levels of qualified health professionals (both private and public sector), including Medical Officers, Registered Nurses, Aboriginal Health Practitioners and other allied health professionals. Applicants must be current practising health professionals.

Fellowships are available to provide financial support towards the cost of attending diabetes related CPD activities, and are available for activities both within Australia and overseas.

There are no prescribed CPD activities for the award of a Bill Raby Diabetes Fellowship. However, examples of eligible CPD activities include:

  • Undertaking clinical placements at specialist diabetes centres, Aboriginal Medical Services, community health centres or hospitals,
  • Participation in accredited recognised courses, 
  • Attendance at special national or international conferences that are in addition to a health professional’s normal CPD expectations, 
  • Other activities that contribute significantly to the applicant’s knowledge and understanding of diabetes that will improve delivery and quality of services to people with diabetes. 

Applicants must have a current practising certificate.

There is no specified duration for eligible CPD activities; however, activities must generally be completed within 1 year of commencement. No specific amount of money is attached to a Bill Raby Diabetes Fellowship. The amount of the award is based on an assessment of the costs and benefit of the CPD activity. Full funding of CPD activities should not be assumed.

Applicants must have formal prior agreement from their employer to undertake the CPD activity proposed in their application for a Fellowship.

The awarding of Bill Raby Diabetes Fellowships is a competitive process, with the merit of the proposal being the primary test. Successful and unsuccessful applicants are encouraged to re-apply in subsequent years.
For a list of current Fellows and Fellowship reports, please refer to our website

Application Process

Aboriginal Health Practitioners (AHPs)

Aboriginal Health Practitioners wishing to apply for Fellowship funding should complete the forms titled Aboriginal Health Practitioner Application Form and Employer Agreement Form and send it to Healthy Living NT.

The Board of Governors will undertake a preliminary assessment of the application and provide advice on, or assistance with, the development of applications or identification of suitable clinical placements or courses.

The AHP Application Form may be obtained from or by email:

All Other Health Professionals

  1. Application Form.
    All applications must be made on the General Application Form provided on the website. The purpose of the Application Form is to allow assessment of the applicant and the proposed CPD activity in order to make selections. 
  2. Referee Reports.
    An applicant is required to obtain two (2) references; one on each of the two Referee Report FormsCharacter and Professional. The referee reports are to be submitted by the applicant with their application. 
  3. Employer Agreement.
    An applicant is also required to obtain formal agreement from their employer on the Employer Agreement Form, confirming their employer’s willingness to allow the applicant undertake the CPD. The Employer Agreement is to be submitted by the applicant with their application.
    The General Application Form, Referee Reports and Employer Agreement may be obtained from or by email:

Incomplete application forms and applications submitted without all three supporting documents will not be considered. Original signed application forms will be accepted by mail, hand delivery or fax. Scanned signed application forms and supporting documents (referee reports and employer agreement) will be accepted by email accepted. Applicants may be required to attend an interview in person or by phone. All papers forwarded by applicants for a Fellowship become the property of Healthy Living NT and unsuccessful applications will be destroyed.

Selection Process
The selection of Fellows and the procedure to achieve this selection are at the absolute discretion of the Board of Governors for the Bill Raby Diabetes Fellowship. Selection of Bill Raby Diabetes Fellows is made annually to the following timetable(*):

Calling of Applications                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Applications to the Fellowship can be made at any time of the year.  Governors meet twice a year to consider applications, in June and December annually.  Applications should be submitted by no later than 31 May and/or 30 November respectively to be considered in the current funding round. 
Submission of Applications:                                                                                                                                                                                    

Applications with supporting references must be submitted to the addresses in the contact section of this document.
All applications will be acknowledged.

Advice to Applicants:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Advice to applicants will generally be made within 6 weeks of the close of the funding round.





Award Process

The award of a Bill Raby Diabetes Fellowship is subject to the Fellow agreeing to be bound by the conditions laid down in a Contract document

A Fellowship cannot commence until Healthy Living NT receives an executed (signed) copy of the Contract document from the Fellow. A copy of the Contract may be obtained from or by email:

Conditions of Award

The Fellow is solely responsible for all arrangements relating to the proposed CPD activity including travel, accommodation and enrolment. Healthy Living NT will pay 80% of the Fellowship funds to the Fellow, wherever possible, 2 months prior to the formal commencement of the CPD activity.

The remaining 20% of funding will be paid on the provision of an acceptable formal report to Healthy Living NT by the Fellow within 8 weeks of the completion of the CPD activity.

Bill Raby Diabetes Fellows are required to:

  • Provide a formal report to Healthy Living NT within 8 weeks of the completion of the CPD activity:
    • detailing the benefit of the CPD activity to the Fellow and how it will be applied to the benefit of people with diabetes in the NT.
    • providing an acquittal of funds expended including copies of relevant receipts
  • Assign to Healthy Living NT intellectual property and copyright in all reports and materials submitted to the Fellowship.
  • Agree to the publication of their name and CPD activity outcomes in reports and media.
  • Indemnify Healthy Living NT against all loss, liability and expense arising out of the CDP activities.
  • Actively promote the knowledge of the aims and ideals of the Fellowship and to be as supportive as possible of the Fellowship.

Failure to provide an acceptable final report to Healthy Living NT may result in:

  • Legal action for the repayment of Fellowship Award funds, and
  • Exclusion from consideration for future Fellowship Awards
Please refer to the Administration Section of this document for additional information relating to the Fellowship Governing Board, tax implications, privacy and contact information.


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