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Have you considered a bequest? Have you or your family ever considered making a bequest to Healthy Living NT?

A bequest is a way of giving a gift to people you care about through your will. You can help hundreds of Territorians living with diabetes and heart disease by making a bequest to Healthy Living NT.

Your bequest will allow us continue to provide education and support to improve the management, detection and prevention of diabetes in our community, as well as, supporting research and finding a cure.

There are three ways we suggest that people can give through their will:


This is the most flexible way to give: the gift automatically changes with the size of the estate.

Fixed Amount

This is the most common type of bequest, but may need to be changed over the course of years.


This is a gift of whatever is left over in the remainder of your estate (or any proportion of that remainder) after other bequests have been fulfilled. Alternatively, you can specify that if any named beneficiary can not accept your bequest because of the death of that individual or dissolution or merger of that organisation, the remainder of your estate (or any proportion of that remainder) be given to Healthy Living NT.

Making your bequest

Your bequest to Healthy Living NT, no matter how small, will make a difference. Always seek professional advice from your Solicitor or trustee company when making or changing your Will. Either you or your legal adviser can obtain further information on bequests by contacting us.

If you wish to leave a bequest, you can use the following wording as a guide:

"I bequeath to the Diabetics Association of the NT Inc (a specified sum, or specified items, or the residue of my estate), free of all duties. The receipt of the Chief Executive, Treasurer or other authorised officer shall be a complete and sufficient discharge for the executor(s)."

Can I change my Will?

Yes, your will can be changed at any time. It is a good idea to review your Will at least every five years, as well as when there are any major changes in circumstance such as divorce, remarriage or death of a beneficiary.

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