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Welcome to Healthy Living NT

NDSS - 1300 136 588

Here you can find information about our organisation, shop online for products and diabetes supplies, access educational materials and find out about our education services.

Become a member of Healthy Living NT today and gain access to additional educational material and information, member discounts in the online shop, monthly recipes and you will receive our quarterly member magazine 'Territory Way' and the national magazine.

As a member based organisation, Healthy Living NT enjoys the contribution and welcomes any feedback from its members.

Bill Raby Diabetes Fellowship Application Information

View our News and Events page  to see what events are coming up in the near future, or just click on this link.


Urgent Recall for Product Correction

Update to the product labelling
Accu-Chek® Mobile

To Accu-Chek Mobile users,

With this letter we would like to notify you that Roche Diabetes Care has become aware of a limitation of Accu-Chek® Mobile glucose tests, which may lead to erroneously lowered blood glucose readings in patients undergoing ceftriaxone therapy.

This antibiotic substance is used to treat a variety of infections such as respiratory infections or lower urinary tract infections and is only administered intravenously or intramuscularly. The interference is due to the effect this antibiotic has on the way the device measures the blood glucose. This limitation is not described in the product labeling.

Patients with diabetes who are receiving this therapy with ceftriaxone could be using the affected blood glucose monitoring (bGM) system.

If this is the case then we recommend you obtain an alternative bGM system for the duration of this therapy which is available from Roche Diabetes Care for free.

Roche Diabetes Care has immediately initiated all necessary measures to inform all relevant consignees and customers and to modify the labeling of the affected tests and test strips as soon as possible. The Therapeutic Goods Administration has been notified about this issue.

Roche Diabetes Care reassures all customers that for patients who are not receiving this specific antibiotic therapy, which is closely monitored by a healthcare professional, the use of Accu-Chek® blood glucose monitoring systems in compliance with the labeling is safe and the results obtained are accurate and reliable.

We thank you for your understanding and your cooperation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 1800-251-816 if you require further information

Download information regarding the update


The Diabetes Association of the NT Inc. trading as Healthy Living NT



10.30 AM, Saturday 2 November 2013

Venue : 2 Tiwi Place, Tiwi, Darwin or by teleconference to 1/9 Parson Streets, Alice Springs

Business to be transacted:

  • Acceptance of Financial Statements and Reports
  • Election of Board Members

For further information phone 8927 8488

Click here for Nominations


Changes to Driving Fitness Guidelines welcomed

Healthy Living NT welcomes changes to the national Assessing Fitness to Drive guidelines. The changes, released last week, have removed ambiguous wording relating to the definition of satisfactory diabetes control when Medical Officers are assessing the fitness of people with diabetes to drive a motor vehicle.

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Sponsored Board participation for younger people with/interested in diabetes


The Diabetes Association of the NT Inc., trading as Healthy Living NT (HLNT), is a charitable, independent, member based organisation for people with diabetes and related conditions. As a consumer based organisation, HLNT is managed by a voluntary board, committed to the well-being of all people with diabetes.

The Board of HLNT is keen to encourage younger people to join them, to speak about the issues facing them and be a voice on the Board for other young people affected by diabetes. We understand that the hectic lifestyle of younger people – busy jobs, lives or young families - means that it is often not possible to take on the time demands of also being on a Board; but we also realise that you are the future of our Association.

Download More information




 Emergency Information for People on Insulin Pumps - Clients with insulin pumps - are you ready for a cyclone?

During a cyclone, there is limited access to pharmacy for insulin and pump supplies.  Therefore it is advisable to have:

  • Extra insulin pump supplies to be used during and after a cyclone
  • Extra batteries for the pump
  • As always, have your insulin pens and supplies available in case of an emergency


Are you a current member and need a password for this CLICK HERE

Are you at risk?

Type 2 diabetes runs in families.


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National Diabetes Services Scheme important links:


MyD - For Under 25s

'myD’ (my diabetes) is a site that has been developed specifically for people aged 16 to 25 years living with diabetes.

The site provides general information on living with diabetes and covers ‘everyday’ topics like school, work, travel, driving and general health. The site also provides information and links to other sites of interest, places to go for more information, and there is a section for you to tell your story and talk about how you live with diabetes, here and now.


Diabetes Kids and Teens

Website for kids and Teens with Type 1 Diabetes.



My Health Balance

This program is suitable for adults who are interested in living a healthy lifestyle. It is a free, session based program that can assist you in making healthy behaviour changes.





© Copyright Healthy Living NT 2006

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